About us

We are proud of the quality and accuracy of our customers’ goods and services, and we are here to make your online shopping experience outstanding.

On our online store, there is a great selection.

With many years of experience in the direct partnership between the supplier of the manufacturer and our clients,

we always demonstrate our profession so that when you shop here you will feel better.

To satisfy the requirements, all orders are handled with the utmost care.

We look always for the best products while respecting our standards: quality, low prices and availability.

Our store is selling birds accessories.

The value of your purchase is appreciated by our customers, which is why

we only sell fresh, unopened, unused items that we order directly from the manufacturer.

When ordering with us, our customers expect and will always receive a high quality product.

Our mission is to provide the best goods, delivered on time, to our customers at the right price.

We have a strong customer service team which

keeps an eye on the entire process of sales. The team is always ready and willing to assist you,

repair and restore your returns, and listen to your grievances.

Our support community adheres to its guidelines.

Contact Information :

Email: support@touliz.com

Phone: +44 7166 294531

UK Office: 1 Earldom Rd, Sheffield S4 7EF, united kingdom

USA Office:1215 Elati St, Denver, CO 80204, United States