Cummins RS13A – 13KW Quiet Connect Series Home Standby Generator



Whether your home is large or small, you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing life can go on normally even when the power’s out. QuietConnect home standby generators operate on natural gas or propane, and provide the exact power you need through intelligent load management so you don’t have to choose which circuits to power. The in-home display allows you to monitor your generator from the comfort of home, while remote monitoring provides the convenience of monitoring from almost anywhere. Unique, attractive enclosures and patented sound technology suppress noise to its lowest possible level, making them a neighbor-friendly choice. The robust design helps the generators withstand harsh weather, and cold-start capability allows them to provide power when temperatures plummet. Measuring 34.1” (L) x 36.0” (W) x 27.3” (H), the compact size means the 13 kW generator can be installed as close as 18” from your home.


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